Within the next month:
     Our short term goal is to begin immediately training small teams of mission minded Christians with a heart for the lost, in basic Arabic language and Muslim culture and in the approach to ministering to Muslims that God has shown Michael Paul to be successful.  We then will begin taking monthly outreach trips to Spokane, Cheney, and Spokane Valley to minister to Muslims on college campuses and at their mosques.  There will be some small costs incurred in the initial stages, such as training materials, printing and then, travel expenses.
Within the next 6 months:
    We would like to be holding monthly Evangelist/Mission training workshops in some larger cities with more Muslim population.  There would be little expense involved if we could find churches to host us.  Otherwise, we would again incur training materials, printing and travel expenses.  These workshops would hopefully connect us to people with a calling to lead a mission in their own cities, and be potential Salvation For Muslims interns. These interns will receive intensive evangelical training as well as training in Muslim culture and Arabic language for one to three years, depending upon their skills and experience.  We will begin training people specifically chosen because of their gifting nd calling, to plant Salvation For Muslims ministry offices in other cities where there is a larger Muslim population.
Within one year:
     The first city we have been praying about is San Diego.  We have some contacts there who see a real need for a mission like ours to be present in their community. This endeavor will require a budget of approximately $30,000 and we hope to have this accomplished within one year. Michael Paul has already chosen a team leader who is willing to be planted there.  We will also be planning quarterly outreach trips to nearby cities with a larger population of Muslims, such as Boise, Seattle, Portland etc.  We will use the same team we are training now for the monthly missions to Spokane.  Our goal is two-fold: to have a presence in the Muslim communities there and build relationships while ministering and to connect with mission minded Christians in these cities, who can be trained to carry on the mission while we are gone.
Long term:
     Our long-range goal is to perfect the above outreach and training programs and have planted 5-7 satellite offices in larger cities, heavily populated with Muslims, within 3-5 years. Our main headquarters will be here in Coeur D Alene, which we will continue to use as a training center for more missionaries and interns who are interested in leading teams.  We want to purchase land where we can establish this training center in combination with a safe house for those seeking Asylum or a Refugee status here in the U.S., because they fear for their lives in their own land.  Michael Paul has a heart for those persecuted for their faith because he lived that out.  He suffered for his faith in Christ and lost his family, his home and his country because of it.  We want to provide a new, safe family of Christian mentors for those seeking to escape persecution. We will assist in connecting them with needed services for legal and immigration issues and eventually be able to provide education and work force training. This undertaking’s funding could be partially offset if the property could be farmed and harvested for some income.  Those living in the safe house could work the land in exchange for their room and board.
If you feel led to participate in these mission goals,  you can request a meeting and speak personally with the ministry leaders about the details.  Contact Salvation For Muslims at 208-274-8865 or 208-265-5140 or email