Michael Paul

Rath-LutheranImagine accepting Jesus’ sacrifice only to be told that you must deny Him to save your own life…

Born as a Muslim in Iraq, Michael Paul set out to prove himself worthy of his religion, only to find emptiness and a need for answers that no one seemed able to give him. At age 23, through the witness of a friend, and the miraculous intervention of Jesus Christ Himself, Michael Paul surrendered his life fully to the One True God, Jesus Christ.

As a result of his unwavering commitment to his new faith, he was persecuted by, and eventually fled his family. Over the next few years, God helped him survive events most Americans could not even imagine. He was kidnapped multiple times and tortured, including being held four days, hung by his hands, which were tied behind his back, while being beaten nearly to death. He hid, homeless and starving to avoid being captured and killed. Thankfully, The Lord was with him. God never left him, just as He promises to never leave us.

Because of Michael Paul’s proud service to the U.S. military in Iraq from 2007-2009 as an Arab/English interpreter, and by the Grace of God, he was allowed to immigrate to the United States. He now Ministers to Muslims wherever he can find them. ┬áHe shares his testimony with other Christians and teaches them the tools they need to reach out in love to Muslims in their own communities.