Salvation – The Arabic Church of Jesus Christ by Michael Paul

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Salvation – The Arabic Church of Jesus Christ

    This letter is from Evangelist Michael Paul, chosen by the will of God to be an Evangelist of Jesus Christ.
     I am writing to God’s holy people in the United States of America, who are faithful brothers and sisters in Christ.
     May God our Father give you grace and peace.

     I, Michael Paul, want to share something with you, all the followers of my ministry, something very important…

     Many of you know the story of how God birthed Salvation for Muslims here in the United States; how He has a call on my life. You know how He allowed me to be born a Muslim and memorize the 30 books of the Qur’an as preparation to bring salvation to Muslims. He drew me to Himself by His Spirit, revealed Himself to me, and transformed my life with His heart-changing love. You know how He refined my faith with the fiery trials of torture, homelessness and extreme poverty, and how He asked me to endure it alone. He allowed me only one teacher, His Holy Spirit. He did all of that, in a unique and solitary way, and He did it that way for a purpose. It was to prepare me to bring salvation to my people, people of Muslim background, especially those of Arabic heritage. The way He taught me, is how I am to teach others. I want to share what I mean by that, in detail.

    Notice how He did not teach me to join any denomination, except the denomination of Jesus Christ. He did not prepare me to teach any church doctrine, except His doctrine – “I am the way the truth and the life”.  He did not teach me church philosophy, only His philosophy – forgiveness through His unconditional love. He did not provide me textbooks from any seminaries, only His Word, both written and living. He did not write a message to be delivered, He wrote on the tablet of my heart. He did it all so He could prosper the plan He had for His people, through me; The plan that He laid out before the foundations of the earth were laid.

    It has been almost three years since I landed at the Spokane airport to fulfill this call that I knew God had on my life. During that time, I have experienced both tragedy and triumph. I have received much godly advice, but seldom God’s advice, from Christian leaders. I have been misdirected and redirected to other areas of the state and the country, other formats and other venues by people with their own agendas. But through it all, God’s Spirit has arched over me and saved me through the hearts and hands of you, His faithful people. Then, this December 25th, He brought me to the thing that He allowed it all for. He brought me to a church in Spokane where I was asked to give a message, in Arabic, to people who could hear it no other way.

    Truly, I felt as if I stood on Holy Ground on that stage. Not because of who I am, but because of who He is and what He had done. Only Jesus Christ could bring those people His word, in their own language, in a city without an Arabic church. The presence of Christ was palpable, and the people cried as He fed them with His Spirit and His love; While they worshipped Him in their own tongue. And the children . . .. I will never forget the children who listened with wide eyes and innocent, open hearts. The anointing on that night spilled over into the next days and weeks as a confirmation. God allowed me to be offered the opportunity to start an Arabic church for those people, and the many, many others who are praying God will give them a place to worship. Unfortunately,  Satan is not deaf or dumb. While they wait and pray, the Islamic Center in the Spokane Valley seeks them out, knowing how desperate they are to fellowship with others who share their language, culture and traditions.

    Imagine my joy to see the fruit of all that Christ has done for and through me; To see His heart’s desire come to fruition. The opening of a church that will surely continue to grow through the salvation of Muslims, will be the ultimate blessing, but a church site still has to be found. Over the past few days I have been talking to churches about this. Several possibilities have been presented, but every one of them require that I teach the doctrine of the church offering the space.

     I cannot do that.

     I cannot betray my Lord who hung on the rope with me as I was tortured, walked in the streets with me when I was homeless, and laid down His life for me, so I might live eternally with Him. He taught me only His Word, His Way by His Spirit. And so I am to teach others. I cannot teach my self, or the doctrine or philosophy of any church. I can only teach Jesus Christ as Lord. I am one with the body of Christ and His life is to be manifested there. That is His church.

    There is only one solution to this situation: It is you. All of you who have a heart for God, His people, His message and His desire that none die lost, this is your moment. It is no coincidence that you came to know me personally, and through this ministry. It is no accident that you are reading this. He has caused it for a purpose: to make you part of His plan. Seek Him and search yourselves. What has He given you that you can share? Do you have knowledge of a place where the Arabic church could meet on Sundays, 4-8 p.m., for example? Perhaps you know of a Christian school or other location. Do you have the ability to pledge support of $10 a month for one year? Do you have a leading to teach Sunday school to children, or work in the nursery? Do you work in Spokane or move in circles there, that would love to be involved in something like this? This church is the only realistic answer to the Islamic Center that is thriving in the Spokane Valley. Any resident of that area will benefit from the presence of an Arabic Church.

    There is a reason that you have been on my journey with me. What is it? Many of you are drawn to my story, and the many miracles God performed to prosper what He ordained. Be a part of it. Be part of the movement that He is beginning, that will bring the church center back to Christ alone. Allow Him to do miracles through and for you. As His followers, that is our destiny. My story is not exceptional. When you sell out to Christ, it can be your story too. I have been persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; I remain strong, not only because I know in whom I have believed, but because you believe in Him too.

Please contact me and let me know what He is showing you.

Evangelist Michael Paul

CEO, Salvation For Muslims Ministry

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